Signup is full!!

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After only 2 days, all 40 spots is taken + 5 more. We have never in the history of NT experienced anything like it. We are honered over the great enthusiasm from mushers all over Europe. It means alot to the entire staff, and we are sure NT 2018 will be the best one  :-)

Check out Participants for who has signed up.

For mushers: If you know you will not race, please let us know as soon as possible. We have several people on a waiting list.

Did you miss det sign up race? You can be on a waiting list, email Sissel:

Regarding signup 1st October at 21.00

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Who will win the signup race this year? Last year it was Martin Dickel, with only 1 min and 11 sec after signup opened, with Hans Lindahl and Hege Ingebrigtsen just a few seconds after 

This year there is some small changes: We will have a unofficial list of participants on facebook page, but the official list will be here on our webpage. You will be on the official list as soon as we receive your payment. Please note that if you do not pay within one week after signup, you will lose your spot. We have also raised the fee slightly, please check out Race entry for more information. 

We will post live on our facebook page on the 1st, to be continued  😀

Trenger du mer informasjon om NT?

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Tenker du hvert år på om du skal delta på Norway-Trail, men skulle gjerne hatt litt mer informasjon? Under årets hundekjørerseminar på Åstjern vil vi ha en liten stand hvor vi gir ut informasjon om løpet og svarer på alle dine spørsmål  se etter beachflagg med Norway-trail logoen  

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Wondering where to find more about Norway-Trail?

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For you Norway-Trail nerds out there we have some really good videos for you from our participants, check out these links:

Ørn Borgen:

Per Sverre Simonsen:


Do you know about more awesome videos and pics? Please send us, and we will post  😛  (

Check also out our Facebook page for more

Final Results

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Stage 6 Result List

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Stage 6 – Start List

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Mass start – information at musher’s meeting in Arnold’s pub tonight 19:00




Stage 5 Summary Results

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Stage 5 Result List

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