1st – 7th March 2020

There is only one class, sled with a max 12 dog rotation pool. So, you can start with 4 dogs, or 12 dogs. There is no minimum, only maximum 12 dogs. Most common is to race 8 dogs on each stage, and have 4 dogs resting for the next stage. But we also have mushers who race 6 dogs, and have 4 dogs resting, mushers who race all 12 dogs and 0 resting, and even mushers who race 4 dogs and have 0 or 2 dogs resting. It´s all up to you to make a raceplan that suits your dogs.

There is possible to enter two mushers on one 12 dog team. That is what we call «DUO». Here you also make a plan that suits your team. But please note: if you sign in as DUO and only one musher race all the stages, that musher will stand as single on the final results and will be the only one getting a prize at the banquet (yes, all mushers who completes all stages gets a nice prize, no matter the end results :-)  )

1st of March: Sign in and vetcheck: The stakeout is open and the veterinarians will examine all the dogs before the race and check passports. Read more about our vets and what they offer here


1. 2nd of March: Gomobu 40-45km
2. 3rd of March: Gomobu 50-60km, two stages
– 4th of March: Day off, we move to Lenningen
4. 5th of March: Lenningen 40-45km
5. 6th of March: Lenningen 50-55km

6. 7th of March: Lenningen 30-35km

First sign up: 1st of October 21.00!!



Racemarshall: Roger Leegaard