Traveling and Accommodation


How to get there:

From Oslo:  Road RV4 to  Gjøvik. From Gjøvik road 33 to Dokka, then continue towards Fagernes (on the same road). Then take road 251 towards Etnedal and road 204 to Lenningen. A shorter, but a more curvy (and sometimes more icy) road is driving RV 4 towards Gjøvik and then road 34 to Dokka.,9.6937859,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x466aa4786461fbbb:0xd473d4719caa7ce8!8m2!3d61.1103451!4d9.6959746

The stake-out is by Lennigen fjellstue, you will see it when you arrive at Lenningen.

Please note: If you drive E16 to Bagn and then the shortcut to Bruflat, beware that the road from Bagn to Bruflat is REALLY steep, has alot of curves, and is sometimes really icy/alot of snow.



Contact Sissel Wolf Mølmen: – Please write how many, and if you have a preferred room (for those who have booked earlier years). There is limited accomodation at Lenningen, be preperred to share room with other mushers or handlers.


At Beitostølen there is several options, but most stay at Bergo hytter (it´s close to the stakeout) or the stakeout.

Bergo hytter


Or call: +47 61 35 10 00