Program Norway-Trail, week 10, 1st – 7th of March 2020


Changes in the program can occur due to trail and weather conditions.


Sunday 1st of March
-14.00-20.00 Check in at Gomobu
-14.00-20.00 Veterinary controle at stake out
-17.00 Staff meeting (Only staff)
-19.00 Mushermeeting
The stakeout opens for mushers on Sunday 14.00pm. It´s unfortunatly not possible for mushers to arrive earlier.

Monday 2nd of March
-10.00 Musher meeting
-11.00 Stage 1 30-40km.
-19.00 Mushermeeting and dinner

Tuesday 3rd of March
-09.00 Mushermeeting
-10.00 Stage 2 30-35km

– 15.00 Mushermeeting and dinner
– 18.00 Stage 3 20-25km (Headlamp and extra batteries mandatory)

– Barbequeparty  😀


Wednesday 4th of March
-Resting day, no stage
-Drive to Lenningen
-19.00 Mushermeeting at Lenningen Fjellstue

Thursday 5th of March
-10.00 Mushermeeting
-11.00 Stage 4 40-45 km.
-19.00 Mushermeeting and dinner at Lenningen Fjellstue

Friday 6th of March
-10.00 Mushermeeting
-11.00 Stage 5 50-55 km
-19.00 Musher meeting and dinner at Lenningen Fjellstue

Saturday 7th March
– Mushermeeting
– Stage 6 30-35km
-19.00 Banquet and prize ceremony 😆 at Lenningen Fjellstue

Short prize ceremony one hour after each stage,  annonuced on the speakers at Lenningen and Gomobu. «Valdresmarsjen (The Valdres March)» will be played 5 minutes before every meeting and prize ceremony.

You can find the song, with some pictures from the area here: 
Musher meetings and prize ceremonies are mandatory for all mushers.